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AdV-EGO (Contamination Control)
moscatello, bonavena - 10:21 Thursday 05 May 2022 (55712) Print this report
Replacement of dust contamination samples in EQB1 and SQB1

On wednesday 04/05/22 we have replaced the silica wafer on the EQB1 and SQB1 tables for the dust contamination campaign (old EQB1 wafers: post 51094; old SQB1 wafer: post 51612). The SQB1 we have displaced presented a little crack on the right side, where the screw was placed to keep it in place. The crack was approximately 1mm large. We have also placed 4 new clean wafers in EQB1 and 1 in SQB1 in the same positions.
The wafer located in EQB1 are:

  • horizontal, near the homodyne (eqb1_near_homodyne_04-05-22.jpg)
  • vertical, near the homodyne (eqb1_near_homodyne_04-05-22.jpg)
  • horizontal in the center (eqb1_center_4-05-22.jpg)
  • horizontal on top of squeezing (eqb1_on_top_sqz.jpg)

The photo of the SQB1 wafer is reported as well (sqb1_04-05-22.jpg). The diplaced wafers are stored in the ISO 3 Clean Room Perugia, and they were photographed on the 4/05/22.

Please do not move the sample and report any activity that may need to be performed in the close proximity of it and may compromise its representability of the average cleanliness condition of its location.

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moscatello, bonavena - 15:58 Friday 06 May 2022 (55739) Print this report

The 05/05/22 morning, we have replaced again the wafer in the SQB1 bench ( The change was made right before the closing of SQB1 and pumping of the tower. Hopefully the wafer will be removed the next time SQB1 will be opened. In this way the wafer should only collect dust deposited without human activities. The old wafer was closed in its box and it is stored in DET Lab. It will be moved to the ISO 3 Clean Room for the analysis: please do not move it or open the case. Report any activity that may concern the wafers to us.

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