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Vacuum (Detection)
fiori, francescon, erbanni - 13:10 Tuesday 14 May 2024 (64251) Print this report
accelerometer monitors on SDB2 vacuum chamber

We attached two meggit accelerometer to the exterior of the SDB2 minitower chamber. Both accelerometers are attached at about 1.5m from the floor, in correspondence of the inner flange which supports the legs of the IP MultiSAS. The accelerometers are screwed onto an aluminum support which has been glued on the chamber vacuum vessel.

  • ENV_SDB2_ACC_Z30 - horizontal, at about 30 deg from the beam direction (named Z) pointing outwards SDB2. This accelerometer is in correspondence of the resting point of one of the three IP legs (Picture 1)
  • ENV_SDB2_ACC_X - horizontal, along the direction perpendicular to the beam (named X) and pointing in the direction opposite to Narm (Picture 2).
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