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Detector Characterisation (Glitches)
Paoletti, Fiori, Tringali - 11:41 Tuesday 28 November 2023 (62576) Print this report
Hrec glitches after the power outage
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Paoletti, Fiori, Tringali, Direnzo - 17:27 Monday 11 December 2023 (62701) Print this report

Today there was a long lock that lasted more than 12 hours.The ITF unlocked after 10:41 UTC.

The long and annoying series of glitches in Hrec (well detectable in the DQ_BRMSMonHrec_BRMS_HREC_HOFT_FREQ_BAND_85_95_Hrec_hoft_16384Hz channel) still had a time interval of 1320s +/- 30s (i.e. 22m), apart from the last two before unlocking which had a strange, delayed value of about 26m.

The ITF relocked at 14:36 UTC and again we had another couple of glitches with an interval of 1620s (27m), while the third one was back to the initial 1320s (22m). Then again a delay of 1511s (25m).

It is to be figured out what could be the reason for this variations in the time interval, which had been only shortening in recent months instead. No particular action seems to have been performed on the ITF or Virgo's environment. Let's see what happens from now on.

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