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AdV-SVS (Design/Construction)
sorrentino - 0:44 Friday 08 January 2021 (50387) Print this report
Comment to Faraday isolator installation on ESQB1 (50137)

Today I optimized the BAB power in transmission of the Faraday isolator by tuning both the rotation of the motorized half-waveplate and the horizontal position of the FI mount.

First I removed the Faraday isolator and I measured the optical power at the position just before the MM telescope to be 1.399+-0.003 mW. Then I placed the FI back in position, and performed the tuning with the power meter in the same position. I obtained a maximum transmitted power of 1.392+-0.003 mW.

This corresponds to a throughput loss of (0.5+-0.3)% in agreement with preliminary characterisation in optics lab.

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