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Detector Characterisation (Glitches)
leroy - 15:21 Tuesday 02 April 2019 (45515) Print this report
Change threshold to write omicron triggers on disk on DARM
due to the too high number of glitches, we change the thresold on SNR used to write triggers on DARM on disk (and produced the plots in VIM). The swap was done between process Om_parameters_main_00 and Om_parameters_main_01
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leroy - 8:39 Wednesday 03 April 2019 (45532) Print this report
Triggers were not saved in the correct directory after the restart, I have modify the configuration this morning using the right directory and restart the process. I have also copy the omicron triggers saved during the night in the correct directory
leroy - 11:38 Thursday 11 April 2019 (45622) Print this report
As number of triggers seems now reasonnable on DARM (checked in a test directory), with the last unlock, I change the configuration for the omicron files to be saved on disk, we are now back to SNR=5.