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Environmental Monitoring (Environmental Monitoring)
fiori - 11:15 Tuesday 22 January 2019 (44474) Print this report
temporary acc monitors

I did a temporary relocation of two accelerometers and added one:

  • relocated ENV_BS_ACC_Z now attached to the turbo pump of the BS-PR link
  • relocated ENV_SR_ACC_Z now attached to the tubo pump of the BS-RS link
  • added ENV_DAQR_ACC attached to the metallic structure of the outlet duct of the DAQ room air conditioner

Figure 1 shows interesting lines below 50Hz (DAQR) and around 400-500Hz (turbo pumps). We intend to keep them there for a few days to check for possible couplings to ITF.

Note to operators: because of higher rms noise of ENV_BS_ACC and ENV_SR_ACC, some flags could turn on in the DMS: please shelvve them for 1 week.

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