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AdV-COM (AdV commissioning (1st part) )
bersanetti - 11:29 Tuesday 22 January 2019 (44476) Print this report
ITF Recovery - Afternoon Shift 21/01

Yesterday's afternoon was devoted to the recovery of the ITF:

  • after a couple of tweaks, both the DIFFp and the PR loop could be engaged automatically during lock acquisition with the usual parameters (gains, setpoints);
  • the COMMp loop could be engaged without issues once the other two were closed;
  • however this was not possible for the BS loop, I am not sure if this is related just to the working point or there was something different with the signal, to be checked; changing the gains had the only effect to delay or hasten the loss of the control;
  • the phases of the RFC and B2 PDs were adjusted.
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