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On-call intervention (General)
Oncall-system - 22:52 Tuesday 18 June 2024 (64544) Print this report
On-call intervention

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Title: BPC recentering by moving PR X and Y position

Author(s): spinicelli

Called at: 21:20, 18-06-2024, by: Berni
Remote intervention: Started: 21:20, 18-06-2024; Ended: 22:30, 18-06-2024
On-site intervention: Started: ; Ended:
Status: Resolved
Operator when issue resolved: Berni


This morning after the usual maintenance operations, once fully relocked, the BCP_TY correction started to quickly drift close to its limit.
Since the ITF unlocked in the evening, the operator called me and we profited of this time to move the transversal position of the PR (+40µm in X, +10µm in Y ).
As a result, we reduced the BsX_TY correction but with a slightly increased horizontal miscentering on the ITMs.
Checking after a full lock acquisition in LN3, BPC corrections seems to be fine.

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spinicelli - 22:52 Tuesday 18 June 2024 (64545) Print this report

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