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AdV-DAQ (Data collection)
rolland - 12:19 Tuesday 18 June 2024 (64538) Print this report
Comment to DAQ : missing frames - network issues ? (64509)

This morning, I found the process PCal_NE_Ampli complaining about "Broken pipe". Indeed, the NetCom switch ethcali1 (to convert from RS232 to Ethernet) is no more available via ping. It is located in NE building, in the calibration rack (leftmost rack).  This started on Friday, 14 June at 18h31m UTC. Can this be related to the network issue seen a bit earlier, or is it independant?

The process has been stopped, and cannot restart since ethcali1 is not available on the network. 

This process is used to monitor the PCal laser amplifier, and mainly to switch on/off the pump diode from remote. It is not critical and we can run without it for some time, but it will be useful to get it back alive soon.


2024-06-14-18h31m23-UTC>ERROR..-[Errno 11] Resource temporarily unavailable
2024-06-14-18h47m04-UTC>ERROR..-[Errno 11] Resource temporarily unavailable
2024-06-14-18h47m05-UTC>ERROR..-[Errno 110] Connection timed out
2024-06-14-18h47m06-UTC>ERROR..-[Errno 32] Broken pipe
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