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AdV-DAQ (Calibration)
verkindt, was - 9:09 Tuesday 18 June 2024 (64532) Print this report
Hrec config and BNS range at 60 Mpc

In order to estimate how the BNS range of 60 Mpc obtained on March 8 2024, we did a reprocessing of 1000 sec of data starting on 2024-03-08-00:00:00 UTC
with the configuration of Hrec currently used for O4b (with updated actuators models).
The result is shown in plot1 and plot2, where reprocessed BNS range and hoft from are in orange and
BNS range and hoft computed by the Hrec of 8 March are in blue.
Clearly, the BNS range obtained on March 8 was a bit overestimated. The same ITF configuration as March 8 would give today about 58 Mpc instead of 59 Mpc.

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verkindt - 15:32 Wednesday 19 June 2024 (64549) Print this report

Comparing the sensitivity of March 8 00h00 UTC (where reprocessed h(t) gives a BNS range around 58 Mpc) and June 18 00h00 UTC (where BNS range is around 55 Mpc),
we can see that the main difference is in the frequency band 20-60 Hz  , before noise subtraction (hoft_raw, plot1) or after noise subtraction (hoft, plot2).

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