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Detector Characterisation (Broadband noise)
Paoletti, Tringali, Fiori - 10:31 Friday 07 June 2024 (64453) Print this report
Comment to Bump around 48Hz since last maintenance (64426)

During yesterday's investigation, we injected a far-field magnetic sweep with the aim of cross-checking and identifying each resonance frequency of the crossbars.

Here is what came out:

NEB 48.16 Hz 70.55 Hz    
WEB 48.09 Hz 48.38 Hz 70.24 Hz  
CEB 47.52 Hz 47.74 Hz 48.34 Hz 48.63 Hz

It is interesting to see that after the “disconnection” of the WEB motor crate (and disappearance of the noise) there remains something in Hrec that seems to be associated with CEB (47.52 Hz and 47.74 Hz) and WEB (48.09 Hz). This is an indication that we might gain something more in terms of Mpc if we could find and reduce some other sources.

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