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AdV-DET (Commissioning)
gouaty, masserot, mwas - 11:54 Tuesday 21 May 2024 (64309) Print this report
B1s_PD1_112MHz phi computation

To avoid some jumps on the B1s_PD1_112MHz phase, its computation ha been improved by setting a threshold on its magnitude :

  • SDB2_photodiode.cfg configuration file
  • line 823 commented and replaced by the lines 824 - 827
  • The B1s_PD1_112MHz_mag threshold has been set to 0.0005

The SDB2_photodiodes server has been restarted at 2024-05-21-07h04m43-UTC .  The attached plot shows that with the

  • before the update, the B1s_PD1_112MHz _phi is oscillating between +/-4pi
  • after the update as the B1s_PD1_112MHz_mag is below  the threshold , its phase remains at zero


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masserot - 15:10 Tuesday 21 May 2024 (64314) Print this report

A mistake was done for the B1s_PD1_112MHz phase computation , it was put before the rotation with 2xF56MHz LNFS phase instead of after .

This has been fixed at 2024-05-21-12h46m29-UTC by upgrading the SDB2_Photodiodes configuration and the restarting of the server

masserot - 16:39 Thursday 23 May 2024 (64333) Print this report

The B1s_PD1_112MHz_mag threshold has been updated  to 0.005  the 2024-05-21-12h47m16-UTC .

Looking at the B1s_PD1_112MHz_{mag,phi} signal trend , trend plot and its zoom,  one can find

  • a  big jump on the B1s_PD1_112MHz_phi signal  when the B1s_PD1_112MHz mag reached the threshold 
  • but  far enough and short (see the raw plot )before enabling the  phase noise subtraction using the B1s_PD1_112MHz phi channel .

This issue has been understand : it s present only on the ACL_OP_CH keyword using the operator  "mag|phi_umwrap_n" with a threshold .

This issue has been fixed in the Acl release v1r25p17

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