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Vacuum (Terminal north)
Vacuum - 22:40 Tuesday 14 May 2024 (64259) Print this report
NE pump substitution

This morning we completed the replacement of the NE tower main turbomolecular pump, which had been kept out of service for some weeks after suspected noise emissions [elog_63549 ].  We also completely replaced its control electronics and the connection cable.

Normally the pump will be left on .

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Vacuum - 16:47 Tuesday 18 June 2024 (64542) Print this report

During the maintenance break of this morning, we turned off the backup turbo pump of NE tower, which had been left on for safety reasons during all this period, running in parallel with the principal pump, recently replaced (see the main entry).

In conclusion, there is now only one turbo pump running permanently on the tower, which corresponds to the normal configuration .

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