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AdV-INJ (ITF Mode Matching Telescope)
derossi, spinicelli - 17:50 Tuesday 14 May 2024 (64256) Print this report
ITF mode matching measurement

- measurement of the mismatch with the hot ITF, opening the dampers, putting in down and giving a kick on the end mirrors z corr (starting from 14:09:25 UTC): we found 1,5% for the west and 3,8 % for the north (but with more uncertainty), see plots 1 and 2

- scan on the green, starting from 14:21:42 UTC: 1,7% for the west and 3,2% for the north (see plot 2). For the scan around the 02 mode we were on the edge of the ramp and for the next time we should change the offset of the ramp.

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