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Virgo Runs (O4b)
irace - 15:03 Sunday 12 May 2024 (64231) Print this report
Operator Report - Morning shift

Upon reaching the site, I found the ITF in SCIENCE mode and LOW_NOISE_3_SQZ state.

I mistakenly changed the ITF mode for a few seconds at 10:10 UTC while the ITF remained locked. I set the SCIENCE mode back at 10:11 UTC.

The ITF unlocked at 12:23 UTC, probably due to an earthquake (see

During the unlock the SNEB position control loop opened, I restored it at 12:28 UTC.

I left the ITF in AQUIRE_LOW_NOISE_2 state.

No DMS event in the last 8 hours.

Guard tours (UTC)

- 05:45 - 06:35

- 07:57 - 08:32

- 09:52 - 10:27

- 11:55 - 12:30


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mwas - 21:24 Monday 13 May 2024 (64242) Print this report

When an unlock is likely to have been caused by an earth quake. It would be good to change the interferometer mode from PREPARE_SCIENCE to EARTHQUAKE for the duration of the relock. This will help with counting how many unlocks where likely due to an earth quake, and motivate what could be the benefit of commissioning to make the interferometer more resilient to earthquakes.

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