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AdV-SGD (FDS commissioning)
zendri, chiarini, de laurentis, de marco, di pace, lartaux - 0:15 Wednesday 03 April 2024 (63819) Print this report
SQZ injections
The original purpose of the shift was to evaluate the sensitivity of the interferometer with squeezing injection for different DCP

At 18:23 after reaching a stable condition in LN3_SQZ (with standard DCP) we switch to LN3 and we take 10 minutes of shot noise reference (glitch at 18:25 )
18:33:13 phase scan started
18:43 phase scan aborted due to a ITF unlock
19:41:20 after reaching a stable condition in LN3_SQZ we switch to LN3
19:48 phase scan started, stopped intentionally due to a glitch occurred at 18:53:05
19:54:44 New phase Scan. The results are summarized in figures 1,2 (shot noise reference start 1396122184 duration 450 s.). The angles of SQZ and ASQZ are approximately the same as in the previous shifts while the effect on the BNS range is less evident.
20:18 shot noise reference (glitch at 20:20)
20:48 LN3_SQZ with squeezing angle for maximizing the horizon. Glitches at 20:49:20 glitch and 21:17
21:36 interferometer in LN3 (i.e. no squeezing injection)
Figure 3 summarizes the latest operations. When the system is placed in LN3_SQZ (from LN3) it takes a certain time for the auto-aligning to reach steady state. Therefore in order to monitor the effect of the squeezing we did the opposite operation: from LN3_SQZ stable to LN3. The effect of SQZ injection is evident although the intrinsic fluctuations of Hrec are of the same order

At 22:03 we put the interferometer in LN3_SQZ.
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