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AdV-ISC (Alignment control scheme conceptual design)
mwas - 19:35 Saturday 10 February 2024 (63229) Print this report
SR TY line in LN3

Figure 1 the 6.1Hz SR TY line looks quite high on B1p and B1s in LN3. This is not surprising as in LN3 we misalign SR in TY to adjust the DCP frequency. If it is not used for anything else, then it could be a good idea to turn off the SR TY line in LN3, to avoid unecessary power fluctuations on the dark port. I don't have any evidence that it causes issues, but it would be worth to check that it is indeed the case.

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mantovani - 9:27 Monday 12 February 2024 (63240) Print this report

The amplitude of the SRTy hes been set to 0 @ LN3

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