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AdV-DAQ (Data collection)
masserot, mours - 11:40 Sunday 10 December 2023 (62691) Print this report
Comment to SDB2_Fb stopped(crashed) (62676)

The issue has been fixed in the Fd package v8r60p3 . A new release of the TolmFrameBuilder package v17r14p7 has been built and deployed on all the TolmFrameBuilder's server .

Operations performed between 2023-12-10-09h30m27-UTC and 2023-12-10-09h41m24-UTC

The attached plot (time as LT not UTC) show the memory usage on the SDB2_Fb's rtpc (rtpc5) according the Fd version: this TolmFrameBuilder was running the lastest release since 2023-12-09-11h54m13-UTC

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