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On-call intervention (General)
Oncall-system - 22:28 Friday 02 June 2023 (60429) Print this report
On-call intervention

The following report has been submitted to the On-call interface.

On-call events -> ITF Operation

Title: recovery of itf lock

Author(s): mantovani

Called at: 18:00, 02-06-2023, by: Magazzu
Remote intervention: Started: 18:00, 02-06-2023; Ended: 22:30, 02-06-2023
On-site intervention: Started: ; Ended:
Status: Resolved
Operator when issue resolved: Magazzu


The lock acquisition was not working anymore
I've tuned the lock acquisition parameters starting from 100mW (especially DARM gain and phase) at each step
I've also changed the target ugf for DARM @ 3f from 65 Hz to 55Hz
we have unlocked going at LN2
we leave in DC readout to let Marco recover the alignment before the opening of the tower

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