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AdV-PAY (NI and WI Payloads)
Travasso, Menzione, Ciardelli, Pasqualetti , Majorana - 17:43 Thursday 24 November 2022 (57896) Print this report
Extraction of WI payload and recovery preparation
AT 11:45 we entered in the WI vacuum chamber and at 14:00 the payload was down on the HYMO. Then, the payload was transported in the clean room. Flavio is preparing the case for the mirror. We have the plan to settle the mirror in CL1 in the late evening or tomorrow morning.
M1 mirror of TCS HS as a whole and we are confident to recover an acceptable prealignment. We followed the foreseen procedure.
No particular problem has been encountered.
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travasso, majorana - 21:50 Thursday 24 November 2022 (57900) Print this report
Status of the WI payload
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