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AdV-DAQ (Data collection)
masserot, mours - 7:22 Tuesday 05 July 2022 (56348) Print this report
DAQ - maintenance activities

Most of the TolmFrameBuilder servers have been restarted with the version v17r13p17 except the SSFS_Fb one

The FbmFFE server has been restarted with the Fd  v8r43p7 version.

 The operations were performed between 2022-07-05-05h11m17-UTC  and 2022-07-05-05h15m42-UTC

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masserot - 14:10 Wednesday 06 July 2022 (56365) Print this report

All the Fbs servers were restarted with the version v8r23p2 using the lastest Fd version v8r43p7.

Operations performed between 2022-07-06-12h04m22-UTC and 2022-07-06-12h05m37

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