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AdV-DAQ (Data collection)
masserot - 15:26 Tuesday 25 January 2022 (54599) Print this report
DAQ - trend stream

The FbTrend_200_{,2} servers were found using more than 80% of one cpu . In order to improve the situation a third FbTrend has been setup .

The running setup is now :

  • FbTrend_200: using the FDIN_TAG "* -V1:FDS_* -V1:LFC_* -V1:AFC_* -V1:SQZ_* -V1:SBE_SQB1_* -V1:SQB1_* -V1:SBE_SQB2_* -V1:SQB2_* -V1:SBE_FCIM_* -V1:SBE_FCEM_* -V1:FCIM_* -V1:FCEM_* -V1:FCIB_* -V1:FCEB_* -V1:VAC* -*_FS"
  • FbTrend_200_2 using the FDIN_TAG "V1:FDS_* V1:LFC_* V1:AFC_* V1:SQZ_* V1:SBE_SQB1_* V1:SQB1_* V1:SBE_SQB2_* V1:SQB2_* V1:SBE_FCIM_* V1:SBE_FCEM_* V1:FCIM_* V1:FCEM_* V1:FCIB_* V1:FCEB_* V1:VAC* -*_FS"
  • FbTrend_200_3 using the  FDIN_TAG "*_FS"

The FbTrend and the FbTrend_10800 server configurations have been updated to as input the FbTrend_200{,2,3}  ouput

The operations were performed between 12h45UTC and 13h45UTC . During this period some trend data are missing

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