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AdV-DAQ (Data collection)
masserot, mours - 7:04 Wednesday 01 December 2021 (54058) Print this report
FFL moni servers

This morningĀ  3 over the 4 FFL moni servers were found crashed :

  • FFLMoni52 at 20211130-22h48LT
  • FFLMoni53 at 20211130-23h59LT
  • FFLMoni54 at 20211130-23h59LT

They have been restarted .

As the FFLMoni52 server provide channels to build some DAQ VPM plots, it optional flag in the VPM configuration has beeen removed

Comments to this report:
mours - 19:26 Monday 06 December 2021 (54123) Print this report
The FFLMoni servers have been restarted this evening with the version from Fd/v8r41p1 which includes additional protections in case of corrupted ffl, and additional information in case of errors.
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