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AdV-TCS (Wavefront sensing)
lumaca, nardecchia, taranto - 23:36 Friday 26 November 2021 (54004) Print this report
HWS-DET SLED beam centering improvement

After the discussion during the morning meeting, it has been decided to improve the centering of the HWS-DET beam on the NI CP. The operation is risky due to the critical conditions of the probe beam (it is possible that moving the steering mirrors on EDB will re-introduce some clipping), nevertheless we decide to proceed as this may improve the estimate of the curvature from the HWS maps.
In order to perform the HWS-DET measurements, we switched off NI DAS and CH at 14.45 UTC. We performed 3 different steps in the horizontal direction and, for each step, we waited for the CP to cool down again. The improvement of the alignment at each step can be seen in fig. (1) with a comparison with the initial CH position, as reported in the entry 53879.

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