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AdV-TCS (Wavefront sensing)
fafone, nardecchia, rocchi - 20:38 Sunday 24 October 2021 (53628) Print this report
WI INJ HWS acquisition failed

Profiting of no other activities on the interferometer, at the end of ISC/TCS shift, we tried to run the HWS-INJ acquisition with WI RH ON since the SLED beam reflected by the mirror is coming back on theĀ  HWS sensor (fig.1 ). We experienced some software troubles probably related to the new matlab version (fig.2).

To be investigatedĀ  by experts.

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G.Ballardin, I. Nardecchia - 17:13 Monday 25 October 2021 (53639) Print this report

Today I created a new Python application that supports all TCS systems: INJ, DET, NE, NI, WE and WI. With Ilaria we killed some ghost processes, we removed all old versions and we did first tests with the new version without finding major problems.

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