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AdV-DAQ (On Call)
pacaud - 14:14 Saturday 23 October 2021 (53619) Print this report
Comment to SDB2_DBOX_LeftDown not reachable (53448)

Same issue today.

2021-10-23-11h59m25-UTC    info pacaud       Session start
2021-10-23-12h02m14-UTC    info pacaud       Disable power for device DboxLeftDown using PowerUnit09
2021-10-23-12h02m25-UTC    info pacaud       Enable power for device DboxLeftDown using PowerUnit09
2021-10-23-12h02m45-UTC    info pacaud       Reconfigure SDB2_DBOX_LeftDown in SDB2_dbox_bench
2021-10-23-12h03m19-UTC    info pacaud       Reconfigure SDB2_DBOX_LeftUp in SDB2_dbox_bench
2021-10-23-12h03m52-UTC    info pacaud       Reconfigure SDB2_DBOX_RightUp in SDB2_dbox_bench
2021-10-23-12h04m47-UTC    info pacaud       Reconfigure SDB2_DBOX_RightDown in SDB2_dbox_bench

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