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Infrastructures (Buildings)
Paoletti, Tringali, Menzione, Ciardelli - 17:18 Friday 24 September 2021 (53268) Print this report
WEB and NEB (temporary) unplug and displacement of some NN sensors

Next week a truck shall enter the WEB and NEB. To avoid damage to the NN sensors, we have unplugged and displaced those in the line of sight of the large door.

Being it a daisy chain, there is the possibility that also some far sensors are affected by this operation.

In the attached photos the NEB situation, before and after (not yet finished); WEB had a similar work.

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Paoletti - 14:27 Tuesday 28 September 2021 (53300) Print this report

Cranes maintenance done. We put back WEB NN sensors at their original position, recabling all as before. NEB will follow shortly.

Tringali - 17:27 Tuesday 28 September 2021 (53309) Print this report

NEB NN sensors are back to the original positions, as well.

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