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AdV-INF (Environmental noise mitigation)
R. Passaquieti, R. Romboli - 15:26 Tuesday 21 September 2021 (53207) Print this report
NEB-AHU box stiffening
This afternoon at about 15:00 LT we loaded the roof of the NEB AHU box to test the effects on the acoustic emission of the plant.

The set-up is visible in the attached figures: six metal bars of about 35 kg each, are placed about the center of a wooden beam couple, resting at the ends on blocks of expanded polyethylene almost at the center of the box panels.

The analysis of signals from the microphones placed in the HAU room, the NEB SAS and the NEB Hall will follow.
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M. Bazzi, R. Passaquieti - 18:32 Thursday 23 September 2021 (53250) Print this report
This evening we continued the stiffening of the panels of the HAU of the NEB building.
Some aluminum bars were placed in contrast between the concrete wall and the center of the accessible side panels, to study the effect on the acoustic and seismic noise of the system (e.g. see the attached figures).

The activity ended at about 18:10 LT.
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R. Passaquieti - 12:24 Friday 24 September 2021 (53263) Print this report
This morning the stiffening Al bars were dismounted. This operation started at 11:30 LT and was completed at about 12:15 LT.
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