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AdV-ALS (Installation)
gosselin, masserot, derossi - 16:38 Tuesday 31 August 2021 (53019) Print this report
Upgrade of the ACL code for the fiber automatic alignment

This mornig we upgraded the ACL code for the automatic alignement of the beam into the fiber thanks to a new ACL command that Alain created: ACL_FILTER_CH_LATCH_MEM_CND. More info about this new feature can be found in the ACL documentation. Basicaly it allows to keep the output value of the filter in memory when it is latched.
In practice, before, while pushing the "keep" button we were keeping the values of the PZT that were maximizing the coupling into the fiber but when we wanted to maximize it again after a drift, the procedure was starting from the PZT at 0 V. Now it starts from the values that have been kept in memory while pushing the "keep" button.
So the new sequence to find the working point is "release" and then "keep".

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