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AdV-DAQ (Data Acquisition and Global Control)
casanueva, masserot, letendre - 10:56 Friday 30 July 2021 (52705) Print this report
Change SSFS input to use B4 6MHz

This morning we have changed the hard/software in order to stop using B2 PD3 as an input for the SSFS and start using B4 PD1 6MHz instead.

We have made the corresponding changes to SIB2 and SPRB dbox bench. We had to reconfigure both, so it is possible that we will have to retune the phases of B2.

Then we have proceed to made the software changes to SSFS processes and we have restarted them. We have checked that SSFS B4 PD1 and SPRB B4 PD1 signals are coherent, so the changes have been successful. Now the error signal used by default for the SSFS is B4 PD1 6MHz.

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