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AdV-DAQ (Software Framework)
masserot - 6:59 Thursday 10 June 2021 (52101) Print this report
MdVim - olserver117

This morning I found once more the MdVim server red in VPM . But this time I was unable to logon the olserver117 .

So the MdVim server has been restarted  temporally  on the olserver53.

I had a terminal already  opened on olserer117 and logged as virgorun. Below the report of few commands executed from this terminal:

  • virgorun@olserver117[~]: date
    • Thu Jun 10 06:53:33 CEST 2021
  • virgorun@olserver117[~]: id
    • uid=1211 gid=1100 groups=1100,189600065 context=unconfined_u:unconfined_r:unconfined_t:s0-s0:c0.c1023
  • virgorun@olserver117[~]: cm names
    • Cm> Host unknown.
    • Cm> Impossible to reach the NameServer.
    • Cm> NameServer is not reachable.

The hostname and the username are not anymore resolved

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cortese - 14:31 Thursday 10 June 2021 (52105) Print this report

This has been caused by memory exhaustion and the consequent triggering of the oom-killer which has killed also some system processes.

It seems that the memory-eating process are the root.exe processes spawned by MdVim.

The configuration of this machine has been now modified to protect from oom-killer the authentication system daemon. In case it works well it will be replicated on the other olservers.

olserver117 is rebooted and MdVim can be moved again there

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