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AdV-DAQ (Data collection)
masserot, pacaud - 17:38 Wednesday 09 June 2021 (52092) Print this report
SWEB power supplies monitoring

Since yesterday morning, there is some difficulties to collect the slow monitoring data from the SWEB_PowerSupply server . It was due to some troubles at the Ethernet interface level of the PowerUnit19 ( device .

This morning the PowerUnit19  data collection was disabled and then restored

2021-06-09-05h06m38-UTC    info masserot     SWEB_PowerSupply saved - masserot: Comment PowerUnit19 for test (rev. 202626)
2021-06-09-05h06m39-UTC    info masserot     process:SWEB_PowerSupply stopped
2021-06-09-05h06m44-UTC    info masserot     process:SWEB_PowerSupply started
2021-06-09-06h00m50-UTC    info masserot     SWEB_PowerSupply saved - masserot: Restore PowerUnit19 (rev. 202644)
2021-06-09-06h01m10-UTC    info masserot     process:SWEB_PowerSupply stopped
2021-06-09-06h01m16-UTC    info masserot     process:SWEB_PowerSupply started

At the end, the PowerUnit19 Ethernet interface was lost  and thank to Nicola it has been recovered around 14h10UTC


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