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Vacuum (Detection)
Vacuum - 12:44 Wednesday 09 June 2021 (52087) Print this report
SQB1-SDB1 minilink leak test / DET tower venting

This morning we have carried out the leak test of the recently added SDB1-SQB1 minilink.

A large leak ( >E-4 mbar.l/s ) is present in one of the parts of the SDB1-DQB1 minilink = the top access flange DN200. The defect is likely due to a misplaced gasket.

Other joints have been found to be leak-tight (LR<1E-8 mbar.l/s)

  • SQB1 viewport joint
  • DN250CF flanges,  DN100CF flanges, special metal sealed flange
  • Tower bottom flange

*** We started venting the DET tower in order to perform the repair intevention as soon as possible, planned for the late evening (11PM to 1AM) ***

Comments to this report:
Francescon, Macchia, Vacuum - 0:10 Thursday 10 June 2021 (52100) Print this report

The defective joint has been replaced and the pumpdown has been relaunched.

Macchia, Gherardini, Vacuum - 14:55 Thursday 10 June 2021 (52106) Print this report

Today we tested the leak tightness of the joint redone yesterday: test passed, LR < 1E-8 mbar.l/s

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