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AdV-SIN (Design/Construction)
polini, capocasa, vardaro - 10:26 Wednesday 28 April 2021 (51559) Print this report
SQB1 LVDTs centered
We centered the LVDTs of SQB1, taking as reference the positions of the bench for which the beam EQB1 was aligned on SQB1. We moved the secondary coils (on the frame) in order to center it with the primary coil (on the bench), in order to set to zero the signals of the 4 horizontal LVDTs and the 4 vertical LVDTs.
The good positions of the beam on the HOM camera with the bench not suspended and the degrees of freedom (X, Y, Z, TX, TY, TZ) after centering the LVDTs are shown in the first picture.
In the second picture, LVDT signals after centering the secondary coil with respect to the primary one.
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