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AdV-SVS (Pre-commissioning)
sorrentino, vahlbruch - 20:31 Thursday 22 April 2021 (51499) Print this report
Amplitude of pump phase error signal

In the morning of 15/04 the AEI squeezer source was switched to squeezing mode. However the amplitude of the pump phase error signal (Fig 1) was about a half of the usual (Fig 2). This is a possible signature of multimode operation of the CC laser. The squeezer was switched back to BAB mode in the afternoon of the same day. On 18/04 the temperature of the main squeezer laser was moved by a few tens of mK (Fig 3). On 20/04 when sending again the pump beam to the OPA we found that the amplitude of pump phase error signal was further reduced (Fig 4), so the source was kept in BAB mode.

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