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AdV-COM (automation)
bersanetti - 17:44 Monday 12 April 2021 (51394) Print this report
SUS_PR bug fixed

In Entry 50929 it was reported a bug which affects only the SUS_PR node; we remind:

  • all the SUS nodes share the same code base;
  • a little bit of code is actually executed only by SUS_PR, and it basically checks if the PR safety tripped; in case, it changes the node state to MISALIGNED (to follow the optic, which already misaligned itself) and notifies it to the user.

This piece of code caused a bug related to ConfigParser (see attached logs), which complains about a non-iterable numpy.float32 and/or a missing section in the configuration file (which obviously exists); this is most probably the same behaviour already observed in the OMC_LOCK node (Entry 45476 and comments) and it is related to the implicit conversion done by ConfigParser between float and string; the first symptom is the bug itself, the second one is a consequence, as the error can make the configuration file to be badly closed (and resulting empty in the process).

Actions done:

  • changed all the float(config.get('SECTION','parameter')) calls to config.getfloat('SECTION','parameter');
  • forced the string type when using the config.set() call (which is more robust than remembering to explicitly call every time before any config.get).

SUS_PR can now be asked safely the SAVE_ALIGNED state again.

The PR and SR nodes have already been reloaded with the new code base, while the other nodes can be reloaded whenever there is a small window (they are not affected by the bug anyway).

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