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masserot - 18:05 Sunday 11 April 2021 (51384) Print this report
WEB - ADC7674 boards: Temperature too high

At 11h30UTC the WEB ADC7674 boards temperature started to increase to reach more 110 C .One hour later their timing_error signal started to oscillate (see the plots).

It s probably due to the VME crate fan who stopped running . This VME crate host the MxDX_v1 used to collect the WE suspension data and for the GIPC

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ruggi - 10:46 Monday 12 April 2021 (51388) Print this report

Almost all the suspension top stage boards have received corrupted data at different times, preventing the correct working of the control loops.

letendre, masserot, berni - 11:12 Monday 12 April 2021 (51389) Print this report

Fans of the crate 66 were found not working, explaining the high temperature of the crate. This crate is hosting two ADC7674 for ENV and one MuxDemux_V1 for the suspension.

Thanks to Francesco, the crate has been replaced by the crate 37.

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