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AdV-DAQ (Electronics Infrastructure)
letendre, petit, pacaud, masserot - 22:13 Thursday 08 April 2021 (51359) Print this report
DAQ cabling for SQB2 bench

Today we installed all cables needed for the DAQ of SQB2 bench:
- 6 single mode optical fibers between the minitower and the patch panel located on the terrace.
- Bench power supplies cables between the minitower and power supplies on the terrace.
- 4 green Ethernet cable for the cameras located on viewports.
- LVDT cables
- LC crate in the "SQB2 rack" on the terrace
- ground wires between the minitower and the SQB2 rack

We checked:
-the power supplies up to the minitower input flange
-Optic fibers between the Daq Room and the minitower input flange

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