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AdV-INJ (Beam Pointing Control)
spinicelli, chiummo, melo - 15:21 Thursday 25 March 2021 (51205) Print this report
BPC calibration test

Today, we have perfomed some tests to verify the calibration of BPC signals. In order to do that we applied some voltage on the correction signals of the BPC, namely BsX_TX/TY/X/Y_CORR, and observed the effect on the signals BsX_TX/TY/X/Y. 

The result was the following  (the first column "CORR" corresponds to the value of the correction applied, while the second column "REAL" shows the value of the real variation caused on the BPC signals):

TX 1 1.96 [urad]
TY 1 1 [urad]
X 100 109 [um]
Y 100 91[um]

To be noted that we have tested different values of corrections to observe if the results were always proportional. Moreover, the natural oscilation of the BPC signals prevent us to have a precise estimate of the exact variation corresponding to a given correction. Therefore, we can conclude that the signals BsX_TY/X/Y are well calibrated, while for BsX_TX there's a factor 2 of variation for every unit of correction applied. 

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