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AdV-DAQ (Data Acquisition and Global Control)
masserot - 22:36 Wednesday 03 March 2021 (50973) Print this report
TSC HWS NI,WI Temperature control setup - digital part

The temperature probes are acquired at 100Hz by the ADC7674  SN43 labelled as  "TCS_ADC_Moni2"  located into the TSC room using the following channels, the bias and the slope remains to be tuned

  • ADC7674_CHANNEL TCS_HWS_NI_TE1                  2    100        Butterworth_8_20dB            0.                +1                "V"
  • ADC7674_CHANNEL TCS_HWS_NI_TE2                  3    100        Butterworth_8_20dB            0.                +1                "V"
  • ADC7674_CHANNEL TCS_HWS_WI_TE1                  4    100        Butterworth_8_20dB            0.                +1                "V"
  • ADC7674_CHANNEL TCS_HWS_WI_TE2                  5    100        Butterworth_8_20dB            0.                +1                "V"

These channels are sent to the SUSP_rtpc(rtpc4) and made available for 2 dedicated Acl servers: TCS_HWS_NI and TCS_HSW_WI  running at 100Hz

These servers have been setup using a configuration already tested in the Virgo RD VPM domain with few minors modifiactions:

  • an ACL_RELAY_CH called ENBL has been added to  enable the loop and to reset the filters when the loop is opened
  • the filter computation method has been set to use the long double computation to reduce the possible digital noise
  • a include file with the filters definition  has been created to ease the filters modification
  • the correction channel CORR_U has been made available as 64 bits double for the server TCS_CEB mananing the DAC1955 SN40

The TCS_CEB server, running at 10KHz,

  • read the TCS_HWS_{NI,WI}_CORR_U (line25-26)
  • extend the channels at the DAC1955 running frequency(100KHz)
  • implement  a clipping (line 72-73) at 0 and 1V  after the channel extension  to be tuned if needed


Comments to this report:
masserot - 11:41 Tuesday 23 March 2021 (51182) Print this report

Today the setups for NE and WE HWS Temperature control have been implemented

using the hardware informations in the logbook 51010

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