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AdV-COM (AdV commissioning (1st part) )
bersanetti - 23:27 Sunday 10 January 2021 (50405) Print this report
PR F0 coils saturating

This evening I found the North Arm unlocked and not managing to relock; this followed an hours-long drop of the transmitted power. Looking at some signals I found that PR_F7_Y moved by over 200 um, despite the drift control loop engaged during the lock. I found the source of the problem in PR_F0, where the vertical coils are saturated and causing the vertical drift of the suspension.

The West arm is still locked, because the drift control is moving BS_MAR_TX to compensate the misalignment of the input beam by the PR.

I put the North Arm in DOWN and left the West arm locked.

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Boschi, Ruggi - 16:38 Thursday 14 January 2021 (50446) Print this report

Saturation was due to a thermal drift caused by the external decrease of temperature. It was recovered with stepping motors.

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