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AdV-SVS (Installation)
ciardelli, dattilo, menzione - 15:54 Wednesday 14 October 2020 (49658) Print this report
Comment to External squeezing bench ESQB1 handling (49583)
subsequent actions on the handling and installation of ESQB1;
-Friday 9th: drilling of the 24 holes on the floor for the positioning of the 6 legs of the bench(Menzione, Rossi), based on the marking performed by the Paoli brothers (# 49606).
- Tuesday 13th morning: extraordinary cleaning of the DET Lab (external company, Menzione)
- Tuesday 13th afternoon: moving the bench from W area of the DET lab SAS to the final position in DET lab, using the 3 special trolleys (Fig 1). As expected, the passage between the mini tower and the N wall of the lab was quite narrow (Fig 2), but possible. Assembly of the special modular lifting tool "Transformer", carried out around the bench (Figs 3-5). Assembly of 4 hoists, lifting the bench (up to ~98cm) , removing the 3 trolleys, mounting the legs, and positioning the bench on the legs (Fig 6).
- Wednesday 14th morning: we raised the bench a little, to remove the plastic sheet, to position it better, and then put it back on its legs.
For the time being we have left the Transformer structure mounted, which we will need to carry out the fine positioning, once Fiodor has finished the checks and has communicated to us the exact final position. On this occasion, the sorbothane shims will also be installed between the bench and the legs.
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