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AdV-DAQ (Data Acquisition and Global Control)
letendre, masserot, pacaud - 10:36 Monday 21 September 2020 (49450) Print this report
TOLM network reshuffling
On Wednesday and Thursday, we worked on the TOLM network reshuffling. This reshuffling was required to support new subsystems (ALS, FDS), to support the increased data rate for O4, and provide more flexibility.
-Four MuxDemux boxes have been installed. Three in the Daq room rack 15, and one in the computing room.
-All DaqBox chains in labs have been replaced by direct connections.

All DaqBoxes have been reconfigured and all DAQ data paths have been updated.

Attached: new Tolm network
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masserot - 14:03 Monday 21 September 2020 (49455) Print this report
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letendre, masserot, pacaud - 17:21 Monday 21 September 2020 (49458) Print this report

Actions performed:
- Use bidi-transceivers between the Computing room (blue color) and the DAQ room (red color). This avoid to add new physical optical fibers. Bidi-transceivers uses one single fiber for the Rx and Tx transmissions (one wavelength for each direction)
- Remove DaqBoxes chains:

  • DET Elec room: DaqBox 27, 52, 51
  • INJ Elec room: DaqBox 26
  • EEroom: DaqBox 54, 37, 42
  • TCS Elec room: DaqBox 31
  • CEB plateform BS rack: DaqBox 33
  • DAQ room: DaqBox 25, 47

- preparation of new RTPC connections in computing room (timing and optical links)

- Installation of MuxDemux V2 13 in computing room.

- Installation of MuxDemux V2 17, 15, 19, 20 in DAQ room

- Re-cabling of the MuxDemux V2 Tolm network (DAQ room and Computing room) except in end buildings (MC, NE, WE).

- change the daq path for suspensions Tolm optical network. Upgrade of file setup.dat (according to the network changes)

- Fix an issue on the suspension to_from.dat file

- Remove the timing chain for DaqBox 24 and 45 (SQZ) and for DaqBox 20 and 47 (SIB2)

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