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AdV-ALS (Green sources)
gosselin, derossi, casanueva - 16:33 Friday 18 September 2020 (49446) Print this report
Restart of the green sources

We restarted the green source at NE. We did not encounter any problem.
However it seems that the DAC at WE is not working properly which prevent us to make the AOM work. 
We made a test with an oscilloscope, whatever the value that we were sending from ACL the output was 0. To be investigated.

Comments to this report:
masserot - 22:50 Friday 18 September 2020 (49448) Print this report

There was an error in the TOLM path  to reach  the DAC1955-SN02( WEB_DAC_ALS0 ) located in the DBOX_SN50( WEB_DBOX_ALS) from the rtpc9 .It should be OK now

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