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Injection system (General activities)
derossi, sposito - 10:22 Tuesday 28 April 2020 (48933) Print this report
replacement of the PSTAB AOM's RF cable

This morning we have replaced the RF cable going from the amplifier to the PSTAB AOM, whose connector was found broken. We checked that it was not powered, so there shouldn't be any damages.

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Sposito, Derossi, Paoletti - 12:42 Tuesday 28 April 2020 (48934) Print this report

We also made a test in order to prove the correct functioning of the PSTAB AOM amplifier. We apply a voltage of 4Vdc on the MOD IN of the AOM amplifier and we checked the RF output with an oscilloscope with 50Ohm parallel and serial attenuation of 10dB/20W. It was working fine as expected.

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