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Virgo Runs (O3)
Nenci - 17:04 Wednesday 25 March 2020 (48805) Print this report
Operator Report - Morning shift

> Operator from Remote <

The Science Mode has been engaged just at the start of the shift after the earthquake of this night. However I had to kept the ITF in EQ cfg mainly due to the weather condition (wind activity very high during all the shift). Moreover this morning was planned the fuel refill of all the boilers, in particular at the terminal building, this operation unfortunately unlocked the ITF, the lock has been recovered at the end of the interventions.

from 6:29 UTC to 6:31 UTC - ADJUSTING MODE in order to engage the EQ configuration;

8:58 UTC - ADJUSTING MODE - started the fuel refill of the boiler at the NE building;

9:07 UTC -  ITF unlocked due to the intervention of fuel refill at the NE;

9:30 UTC - intervention of fuel refill concluded for NE & WE buildings (we anticipated the refill of the WE terminal in order to restart before the lock acquisition);

10:08 UTC - ITF back in Science Mode, EQ configuration again activated (10:10 UTC);

12:46 UTC - ITF unlocked, ITF back in Science Mode (EQ configuration) at 13:11 UTC;

13:53 UTC - Calibration Mode started as planned.

Tuning of DIFFp_AA performed at 7:34 UTC:
TX = -0.005
Value saved in ITF_LOCK.ini

6:43 UTC - 8:03 UTC - 8:18 UTC - During the morning we collected several SQZ unlock, probably due to the weather condition, that caused break in the Science mode.

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ruggi - 15:18 Wednesday 25 March 2020 (48806) Print this report

The 12:46 unlock was due to PR saturation.

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