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Injection system (General activities)
derossi, ruggi, chiummo - 16:31 Friday 14 February 2020 (48450) Print this report
IB and MC injections for the control noise budget

Here the GPS of hte injections performed yesterday to complete the IB and MC control noise budget:

  dof GPS start duration [s]
1 IB coil Left 1265621518 300
2 IB coil Right 1265621850 300
3 IB coil Forward 1265622200 300
4 IB coil Backward 1265622680 300
5 IB TY 1265623050 300
6 MC Z CORR 1265634440 300
7 MC MIR TX 1265635068 300
8 MC MIR TY 1265635548 250
9 Sc MC MAR TX 1265636238 300
10 Sc MC MAR TY 1265636598 300
  • 1 to 4: the noise, shaped like the blue line in the 1st figure, has been applied to each IB coil. The TF has been computed between this noise (called Sc IB noise) and Hrec, and then projected on the board noise model (red curve), thus without need of any multiplication factor to take into account the number of coils. The 2 plot shows the TF and coherences between the noise and Hrec, while the 3rd plot show the projection of each coil (L,R,F,B) on the red curve of fig.1.
  • 5: the same kind of injection as the ones reported in #48362 but with more noise applied on the MAR TY dof (see plot 4). The TF and coherence with Hrec are shown in fig. 5, its projection on fig. 6. The point at 18,58 Hz is not meaningful since we weren't injection noise in this point (plot 7).
  • 6 to 8: noise applied on the MC MIR coils (Sc_MC_noise channel). To project the DAC noise the TF between Sc MC noise and Hrec have been computed (plot 8) and the projection on the board noise has been made taking into account that there are 2 coils (thus dividing the board noise by sqrt(2)). It is shown on fig. 9
  • 8 and 9: noise applied on the MC marionetta angular corrections TX and TY (same kind of measurement as 5, but the number of coils is 2 instead of 4). The applied noise is shown in fig. 10 (blued curve) the marionetta corrections TFs and coherences with Hrec are shown in fig. 11 and their projection on fig. 12. In the projection we removed the points around 50 Hz and its harmonics for which no enough noise could be injected, as shown in fig. 13.
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derossi, chiummo - 16:17 Monday 18 May 2020 (48951) Print this report

We just realized that there was an error on the x axis due to the sampling frequency of Hrec. I attach here the correct projections.


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