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AdV-DAQ (Data collection)
masserot - 10:59 Monday 25 November 2019 (47786) Print this report
Sc_NI DSP: missing data

The plot show the trend  over  the 2 last week related to

  • the number of ADC built by the ISC_Fb TolmframeBuilder where the Sc_NI data are received
  • one channel sent by the Sc_NI DSP , when the channel is absent   a grey line is displayed
  • and the ITF_lock_index channel

Thank to the patch added , the ITF doesn't unlock each time the Sc_NI data are missing, but the DAQ Sc_NI missing  rate is still high.

The attached file contains all the events where the Sc_NI disappeared since they are received on the ISC_Fb server (rtpc3 ISC_Tpro logfile)

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masserot - 11:40 Monday 02 December 2019 (47833) Print this report

The attached plot show the missing data of the Sc_NI DSP from the 20191126 to the 20191202 .

According to this plot there is no more missing data from Sc_NI  DSP since the last "DSP download" done the 20191128-16h04UTC

2019-11-28-16h04m17-UTC>INFO...-[TolmFrameBuilderSourceManager::Clean] Source Sc_NI (version 6) has stopped -> removed
2019-11-28-16h04m18-UTC>INFO...-[TolmFrameBuilderSource::AfterPageLoading] new source Sc_NI (v6) fully activated at (corrected) GPS time: 1258992276.586312130

and peformed transparently during the  DAQ-SDB2 recovery

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