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AdV-TCS (Ring Heater)
nardecchia, fiori, montanari, paoletti, tringali - 18:43 Friday 25 October 2019 (47395) Print this report
Investigation of current behaviour of the end RHs

Yesterday ENV crew noticed a strange behaviour of the WE RH ring 1 and ring 2 currents, namely a random unexpected changes of the current have been observed.

So we performed some tests on the connectors between the WE RH power supply and the tower. We observed that by touching the connector the current changes (fig. 1).
The same tests have been repeated on the NE RH and also in this case we observed a similar effects but smaller (fig. 2).

It is important to underline that the cabling is different between the two towers: the connectors of the WE and NE are shown in fig. 3 and 4, respectively.

The problem has to be fixed.


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