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Injection system (EIB-SAS)
derossi, bertolini, bulten, chiummo, gosselin, romero - 19:05 Tuesday 08 October 2019 (47154) Print this report
EIB-SAS noise injections

This afternoon, with the help of the Nikhef group, we performed some noise injections on the External Injection Bench, with same parameters than the one made back in August (entry 46659). The aim is to see if there is a different coupling of the scattered light into PRCL after the intervention on the EIB (47129).

A line at 0.5 Hz has been injected on each degree of freedom for a duration of 120 s. The effect on PRCL is stronger when injecting on x and z (plot 1 and 2).

DOF GPS start amplitude
x 1254583248 6 um pp
y 1254583728 10 um pp
z 1254583978 10 um pp
tx 1254586218 2 urad pp
ty 1254586478 2 urad pp
tz 1254586705 2 urad pp

At a first glance the coupling doesn't seem to be different from 46720 (plots 3 and 4), but a deeper analysis will follow.

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